The Registrar  and Alumni Directorate of the University of Gondar was established in 1954. Until August 1994, the directorate has served as a satellite for the then Haileselassie I University, now known as Addis Ababa University. Since the beginning of September 1994, the directorate has been working independently under the University of Gondar  .

During that time the registrar was serving not more than 300 students in 3 diploma offering programs. Since its establishment the number of students enrolled and programs have been increasing. With the tremendous increasing number of students, the office of the registrar is expanding its office for the purpose of accommodating and properly securing the records of the students. The office has established assistant registrar offices in each college/ faculty/institute/school and the assistant registrars are recently there are 10 assistant registrars in each campus to facilitate its duties. To abreast with the contemporary world, the Registrar and Alumni Directorate is implementing then renowned technology, the Student Information System (SIS), since the academic year 2015/16. This is a paradigm shift for the directorate in particular and the university in general where all manual activities, from registration to graduation, became automated.

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